My Computer says it has a virus....

PC Security, Antivirus 2007, etc.

Symptom: All of a sudden a security suite (that you did not install) says their is a virus on your computer.

To be honest a lot of these issues can be cleaned up with a little paitence and a few good tool kits.

The first thing I recommend is doing a Windows System Restore: (Learn More).

After doing that I typically recommend running a good anti-spyware/malware program. I personally like Malwarebytes.

It takes a little bit of time, but you can normally get your system back to operational status pretty quickly and cost effectively.

Tech Tip: Always make sure your antivirus suite is up to date. Norton and Macafee will continue to operate without a subscription, but will only catch virus that were created before your subscription expired. 

Note: Avg Antivirus Free Edition is a good antivirus program for those on a budget.

Would you eat food that has expired? I dont think so, so keep them update date and your computer will be protected and you wont have to spend time cleaning up a mess that could have been avoided.

If your not comfortable with performing the removal your self, then call Leading Edge Integration, we can schedule a Remote Assistance appointment and take care of this problem for you... Contact us Today