About Us

Leading Edge Integration is a full service technology consulting firm and system integrator.

The principal owner was a senior manager of Horizon PCS a former Sprint-PCS affiliate.
During his career at Horizon, he was responsible for and coordinated many large-scale projects such as implementations of billing systems, customer care management systems, mobile telephone switches, wireless packet-based data backhaul and numerous custom-developed applications such as inter-system interfaces.

President - Dustian "Dusty" Countryman:

Dusty Countryman is the Vice President of Technology for Leading Edge Integration, L.L.C.. His career includes over 25 years of technology development, deployment and implementation. Following his entry position as a programmer/analyst for Horizon Telcom, Dusty was promoted to general manager of bright.net, a pioneering local-access ISP in southern Ohio.

As Horizon Telcom diversified, launched its own digital wireless CDMA network and became a charter Sprint PCS affiliate, Dusty was named manager of new technologies and later became senior manager of systems engineering and new technologies for Horizon PCS. He was directly involved in planning and developing customer and retail management systems, a corporate help desk and intranet, and critical CDMA 3G infrastructure.

Dusty's expertise is as strong and diverse as his experience and accomplishments in evaluating, designing and managing various systems and evolving technologies. In all roles, he has worked closely with peers, customers and clients to assure the highest goals and standards are achieved in all endeavors.

Dusty is a graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology. He resides in Chillicothe, Ohio.